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Trang Hue

From Hue to your kitchen with love!

Meet Trang Le, the founder and energetic powerhouse behind Trang Hue Marinades and

Trang is passionate about sharing her love for authentic Vietnamese cuisine, particularly the
aromas and flavours of Hue, her childhood home in central Vietnam.

Trang dreamed of owning her own restaurant from an early age and at just 10, began her own business selling pancakes on Thuan An beach during school holidays. But coming from a poor fishing family, at 13 Trang was forced to quit school and went to work full-time in order to support her mother and her three younger siblings. Knowing she wanted more for her future, Trang began studying English while working at a local restaurant for $25 a week. With her English skills improving Trang took a job at a hostel and it was here she met a handsome Australian traveler, who was to become the love of her life.

Two years later, Trang was married and living in the beautiful central west city of Orange NSW. Never forgetting her food dream, she began selling Vietnamese beef jerky at the local farmer’s markets, later taking the plunge and buying her very own food truck. It wasn’t long after that she was able to finally achieve her childhood dream and open her very own restaurant, Trang Hue.

But her ambitions didn’t stop there!
Trang next opened a food outlet in a busy Orange CBD food court and in 2019 she launched her biggest undertaking yet - Trang Hue Marinades and Sauces.

It is Trang’s dream that no matter where you are in Australia you can enjoy the exquisite flavours of Hue in your very own kitchen.

Made from Trang’s own traditional family recipes in Orange NSW, Trang Hue Marinades and Sauces are available to purchase online and now at over 30 stockists Australia-wide.